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                          Nanjing Julong is good at plastics modification,more details in Made-in-China.

                      Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD




                      Julong Test Center has awarded Certificate No. L4716 by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in October 2010. It is now able to do 18 tests as follows.


                      MFR & MVR

                      Vicat softening temperature


                      Charpy impact properties

                      Temperature of deflection

                      Melting temperature

                      Izod impact properties

                      Ball indentation hardness

                      Polyamide viscosity

                      Tensile properties

                      Rockwell hardness

                      Polymer transition temperature

                      Flexural properties

                      Shore hardness

                      Heat aging



                      Xenon-arc weathering




                             Julong Test Center has also been approved by mainstream OEMs GM, FORD, SAIC, Great Wall, etc.




                      Not merely testing the raw materials and Julong plastics, the Test Center has been authorized as the third-party nonmetal test institute by CNAS. It owns more than 60 sets of top grade equipment, including microcomputer controlled universal testing tensile machines, pendulum impact testing machines, friction fastness testers, plastic Rockwell hardness tester, damp heat cyclic test chamber, viscometer, air ventilation climatic chamber, DSC analyzer, microscopic melting point tester, polarizing microscope, HDT/VICAT, etc.


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