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                          Nanjing Julong is good at plastics modification,more details in Made-in-China.

                      Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD

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                      Julong Participated China Modern Railway 2017

                      Julong participated China Modern Railway 2017 in Shanghai on Oct. 26-29, 2017. As the key manufacturer of modified nylon for high-speed rail and rail transit in China, and the major manufacturer of automotive nylon, polypropylene and plastic alloys. Julong has won China Patent Excellence Award for the invention patent on “Engineered Nylon for High-speed Rail and Rail Transit along with Manufacturing Method”. Julong is the leader of Engineered nylon for high-speed rail and rail transit in domestic market and makes the significant contribution to the important "Four-Vertical-And-Four- Horizontal Projects" of China. 

                      Besides communicated with the clients and strengthened the relationship, Julong also set up connection with the experts in the field of intercity rail transit at the exhibition.


                      Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD

                      Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD

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