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                          Nanjing Julong is good at plastics modification,more details in Made-in-China.

                      Nanjing Julong Science & Technology Co.,LTD


                      Innovative Plastics Create Green Future


                      Commitment to Customers


                      Devote to our customers. Julong takes pride in supplying perfect user experiment with high-quality products and tailor-made solutions, by optimizing each segment of the supply chain. We wholeheartedly listen to the voice from our customers, and are dedicated to innovative product solutions.


                      Focus on Staff

                      Embrace individuals, empower unity. Julong respects and values the power and wisdom of each individual. We build on each other's strength so we can succeed together. Each self-motivated spirit deserves appreciation. Team construction helps us to enhance the interpersonal trusts and achieve our common goals.


                      Responsibility to the Environment


                      Green production, green plastics. Julong has invested over 8 million RMB and set up  an integrated supervising system in each segment, from raw materials to products. We strive for recycling the wastes, gas, water,  as well as reducing the noises and dusts in the work place and neighborhood.

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